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Transform Lives

Lawrenceville’s reputation for educating global leaders begins with a transformational experience in which a wide array of voices is brought to the table.
Our standing as a premier, world-class institution depends directly on attracting bright, motivated students who will contribute to the impressive caliber of our student body. But competition among top independent schools is steep for the best candidates.
For two centuries, we have provided scholarship aid to reach across the socioeconomic spectrum, cultivating a talented community that is expansive in thought and varied in perspective. Today, only 3% of American families, at best, can afford the full cost of an independent boarding school education.
Endowed scholarships currently make up less than 53% of our scholarship aid budget; the rest must come from operating funds. Increasing the endowed funding to 70% will enhance our long-term financial health and help us keep tuition increases to a minimum, while continuing to meet the full demonstrated need of students we accept.
Providing scholarships allows the most promising students to emerge as the unstoppable individuals they were meant to become.




average scholarship aid package for boarding students


of boarding students receive aid


total aid for 2021-22

As chair of the Admission and Financial Aid Committee of the Board of Trustees, Alex Buckley Voris knows better than most the importance of scholarship funding to sustaining Lawrenceville's commitment to a culture based on excellence. Her support of scholarship aid through the Buckley Scholarship Fund has made her the School’s most generous alumna.
Established in 2014, the fund not only pays the tuition for students with significant financial need, but it also ensures they have an opportunity to engage in an enriching summer experience without sacrificing the income they might earn from a needed summer job. Since its inception, the fund has made a material impact on the lives of 14 outstanding young people, with seven currently enrolled. Alex's commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities to Lawrenceville's most deserving students is built on the power of partnership and a feeling of responsibility for giving back. She made her first gift to Lawrenceville as a graduating Fifth Former and has been giving ever since.
"Lawrenceville's mission—to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all—speaks to the vital role of our school and its potential to both transform individual lives and have a powerful impact on the world," says Alex. "The chance to help strengthen our capacity to recruit and enroll the most dynamic, talented kids we can find is incredibly exciting to me."
Alex Buckley Voris '96

"Strengthening our capacity to recruit and enroll the most dynamic and talented students we can find, across the socioeconomic spectrum, is one of the greatest responsibilities we have."

  • Campaign Co-Chair

Transform Learning

Lawrenceville's reputation for excellence relies on a world-class faculty and staff and a dynamic, ever-evolving learning experience. We will cultivate this advantage.

Transform Community

Between House and Harkness is a vibrant community we call home. We will continue to improve facilities, practice sustainability, and maintain a campus that enhances relationships and learning.

Transform the Way Forward

At this pivotal moment in our history, we are collectively called to lead. The Lawrenceville Fund and the School’s endowment sustain a culture of learning and integrity that will shape, engage, and inspire future generations.

Gathering the Best Students

Transform Lives Now


When you support endowed scholarships at Lawrenceville, you transform lives—of the talented students you bring to House and Harkness, of their peers as they engage in an elevated level of discourse, and of all those our graduates will touch as they shape the world.

When every promising voice is brought to the table, all will emerge undaunted.