Our Priorities

Transform the Way Forward

Lawrenceville will emerge stronger. With your support, we will solidify our leadership position among the world’s finest secondary schools and prevail in our mission to transform lives and the world at large.
Our mission to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all is a timeless motivation for Lawrentians. Every student enters this School with boundless curiosity, and it is our job to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and courage to confront the future with confidence and grace.
Having a flexible source of funding for our School's most pressing needs is one of the most important priorities of this Campaign. The Lawrenceville Fund, which includes The Parents Fund, has an immediate, positive impact on our School and allows us to maintain the distinctive features that are central to the Lawrenceville experience. The Fund contributes substantially to our annual operating budget, helping to enrich students’ lives on a daily basis.
At the same time, our endowment is the financial bedrock on which every program, every achievement, is built, and why it is so important to strengthen Lawrenceville’s financial foundation today for the students of tomorrow. Gifts to Lawrenceville's endowment ensure that the traditions and values important to us as a School and community will continue in perpetuity—the ultimate example of "paying it forward."



The Lawrenceville Fund contributes


of the School’s operating budget.

Lawrenceville's endowment consists of

over 750

individual funds.

Endowment income provides

$21.9 million

of annual revenues.

Morgan Dever Morris dove in head first when she arrived at Lawrenceville and has been doing much the same for The Lawrenceville Fund, the School's annual giving vehicle, since graduation. A swimmer, dancer, and rower, she immersed herself in everything from academics to Big Red athletics to the arts. She went on to Princeton and a successful career in finance, and she credits the School with making her path possible.
"Lawrenceville was the launching pad for both college and the rest of my career," she says.
Morgan is enthusiastic about giving back and invites others to join her. Many of her gifts to The Lawrenceville Fund over the years were designated to Athletic Programs and Facilities, and her support has grown as her career has progressed. Her most recent gift was directed to Equity and Inclusion initiatives. A Class Agent and member of the Alumni Association Executive Committee, she encourages others to support the Fund, which provides for a wide range of immediate School priorities, with any amount they can.
The bonds Morgan formed with friends, faculty, and coaches have stayed with her and deepened over the years. "That has meant the world to me," she says. "It's important to support the School. Lawrenceville is still giving to us, well beyond the gates."
Michael Chae '86

"To support the Campaign is to invest in Lawrenceville's mission and its future; preserving, sustaining, and building on all that is great about the School for future generations."

  • Campaign Co-Chair

Transform Lives

Scholarships have the power to change lives. We will continue to bring the most promising students to the table, providing access and support to tomorrow's leaders.

Transform Learning

Lawrenceville's reputation for excellence relies on a world-class faculty and staff and a dynamic, ever-evolving learning experience. We will cultivate this advantage.

Transform Community

Between House and Harkness is a vibrant community we call home. We will continue to improve facilities, practice sustainability, and maintain a campus that enhances relationships and learning.

Transform the Way Forward Now

Sustaining Our Legacy of Success

For over two centuries, our benefactors have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our core values and esteemed legacy.

Emerge Transformed has set ambitious goals for The Lawrenceville Fund and the School’s endowment, each a gauge of institutional strength. Your support of these priorities will ensure that Lawrenceville continues to thrive.